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[단어 관련 표현모음] peace 에 대한 알아두면 좋은 표현 6가지

2016.03.24 19:16

peace 와 관련된 표현들을 공부해보자냥~ 전부 '평화'로 해석되면 참 좋겠지만, 그렇지가 않아서 어렵다옹

hold one's peace
침묵을 지키다
Bill was unable to hold his peace any longer.

rest in peace
고이 잠들다 (사망자를 기릴 때, R.I.P OOO 식으로도 많이 사용)
The bodies of the soldiers will rest in peace.

peace out
떠나다, bye 같은 헤어질 때 하는 인사
Let’s peace out. It’s too hot in here.

a peace offering
화해의 선물
He left her chocolates as a peace offering, hoping that she would forgive him.

leave someone in peace
방해하지 않고 놔두다, 내버려두다
It's best to leave Dean in peace when he's paying the bills

make one's peace with
~와 화해하다
Stop arguing and make your peace with her.

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