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[단어 관련 표현모음] spring 에 대한 알아두면 좋은 표현 6가지

2016.03.08 19:41

오랜만에 정리하는 idiom 모음이다냥. 이번에는 계절에 어울리게 spring 과 관련된 표현이라옹

in like a lion out like a lamb
사자처럼 왔다가 양처럼 간다. 3월의 변덕스러운 날씨를 이르는 말
The weather in March was varied, but in general it came in like a lion, and out like a lamb

a spring in one's step
활기찬 걸음걸이
I bet you'll have a spring in your step after I tell you this bit of good news!

spring fever
초봄의 나른함
I can’t focus on this lesson at all because I have spring fever.

Spring Chicken
햇병아리, 풋내기
So you're no spring chicken.

spring to life
갑자기 활발해지다
The party sprang to life after midnight.

Hope springs eternal
사람들은 결코 희망을 버리지 않는다
She's sure that he'll come back to her one day. I'm not so sure, but hope springs eternal.

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